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Next BAA/BHS Tennis Event will be held on July 29, 4.30 - 8.00 pm at the Berkeley Tennis Club.


Both the Berkeley High School Hall of Fame and Alumni Association are looking for energetic, resourceful and creative alumni.  You can serve on both or either one of these all volunteer committees. 

Time commitments vary for the projects that you chose to participate on. 

The Hall of Fame is headed by John Merchant; their commitment is to find alumni that have been out of Berkeley High School for a minimum of ten years who have made a significant contribution to society, whether it is in Public Service, Science, Sports, or the Arts. These distinguished alumni are honored at a special Hall of Fame Assembly, and Plagues with their photos and bios are displayed in the lobby of the Berkeley Community Theatre. Some of the past honorees include: Jack LaLanne, Galen Rowell, Belva Davis, Benjamin Weir, Linda Schacht, Phil Chenier, Billy Martin, Maggie Gee, Robert Culp, Shirley Dean, Gene Nakamura, Peter Mintun, Ann Yonemura, Johnny Otis and Elihu Harris.

The Alumni Association hosts a website:, where alumni can find news about the schools, reunions and general information related to the BUSD. The Alumni Association is currently lead by President Christopher Bowen.

Interested individuals should contact Wilton Lee, 1420 University Ave., Berkeley 94702,

510-843-0502 or by email to our website.